GW7ERI Magnetometer

51.38.22N - 02.39.48W - IO81QP

The most recent chart:
Starts  :  05/09/2011 00:00:01 UTC
Ends   :  06/09/2011 00:00:01 UTC

Total observation:
Starts  :  UTC 05/09/2011 00:00:01
Ends   :  UTC 05/09/2011 09:40:00


The above data charts are produced by a home made magnetometer based around the FGM-3 sensor manufactured by:

Speake Sensors.

 This page will automatically refresh when a new chart is produced. Uploads are timed at 10 minute intervals.


Full scale deflection  from the magnetometer control box is 0 to 2.56 volts, or 0 to 2560 millivolts, and equates to values between -275  and +275 nano teslas (nT) from center zero. This matches the metering scale used in the control unit, i.e. switch sensitivity position two.

 In order to obtain a 'center zero' value on the chart, an offset of 1280 millivolts is set in the data logger software (Radio Skypipe) preferences. The Y axis scale shows the deviation in millivolts positive or negative  from this central reference position. Each vertical division represents three hours data, the time in GMT being shown on the X axis. Movement from the center zero position indicates activity in the geomagnetic field. 

 Charts commence at midnight daily and cover a 24 hour period. The first data plot shows the total observation period. The second chart shows activity from the start of observations on the day to the latest upload time.

Please note the magnetometer output is not calibrated.


Data acquisition is provided via a Maxim MAX 186 based data logger.

 Charts are created using Radio-SkyPipe software from Radio-Sky Publishing


An introduction to geomagnetism can be found here  

A full description of the project and installation can be found here.


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