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Here are some of the awards I have gained whilst enjoying my Ham Radio hobby.  


ARRL DX Century Club Award.

Certificate for submitting evidence of 100 Countries Contacted by Radio.

Confirmation achieved by using ARRL 'Logbook of the World' electronic QSL facility.


This selection of awards are issued by the European PSK Club. The club is open to all Hams and Shortwave listeners who have an

interest in Digital Communications.  Membership information and details of the various awards issued by the club can be found by following this link to:


EU PSK Awards



 Contacted All Continents Award. General and 20 Meter Band Award.




  Maidenhead Grid Square Locator  Award. 100, 200 and 300 Squares Awards.





   EPC Club Members Awards. Europe, Africa, Asia and DX.


Contacted EPC Club Stations - 100 points



European Administrative Areas Award. 100 and 200 Areas Awards.





     Call sign Prefix Award. 100, 200, and 300 Prefixes Awards.



EUPSK Managers 'Ant' Award.


Binary PSK-31 Award.






European PSK Station Award. 100,200,300,400,500,600,700 European Stations Awards.




Contacted 10 and 20 CQ WAZ Zones using PSK Mode.  


Contacted 19 ITU Zones on PSK Mode.


Contacted 50 DXCC Countries on PSK Mode.



Austrian PSK Stations Award.




Croation PSK Bronze and Silver Awards.



Croatia PSK North Award.



Most Wanted Croatians Award (First and Second Manhunt.)


Most Wanted Croatians Award (Third Manhunt)



 Czech PSK Stations Award. Bronze and Silver Awards.



10 French Departments PSK Award.




Northern Germany PSK Award.                                      Southern Germany PSK Award.


Eastern Germany PSK Award.


Germany Bronze Award.




 Italian Provinces Award. 10, 20 and 30 Provinces Awards.



 Italian Regions Award. EPC members in 10 and 20 Italian Regions Contacted. 



 Italian Call Sign Prefixes Award. 15 and 25  Call Signs Awards.


 Italian Call sign Prefixes Award. 35 Call Signs Award.


Contacting Two Unique Territories of Italy


Contacting Provinces of Basilica


Contacting EPC Members from three provinces of the Italian Piedmont Region.


Contacting EPC Members from four provinces of the Italian Lombardy Region.


Contacting EPC Members from three provinces of the Italian Sicily Region.


Contacting six Portuguese Regions 


Contacting 'Portuguese Language Countries' - Three Countries Award.



Romanian Counties Award - 10 Counties Contacted.



 Contacting Russian EPC Members Award.


Contacting Russian Federal Subjects Bronze Award.


Russian Prefix Award - 31 Prefixes Contacted




Spanish PSK Stations Awards.



Ukraine Regions Award - 10 regions contacted.


Croatian Digital Group Awards

The Croatian Digital Group offer a series of awards, aimed at promoting the use of digital operating modes, details can be found at:


CDG Award for making radio contact with Radio Amateurs In All Continents using Digital Transmission Modes.


CDG Award for making radio contact with 25 European Countries using Digital Transmission Modes.


CDG Award for making contact with Radio Amateurs in 50 Countries using Digital Transmission Modes.




Digital Modes Club Awards

Membership information and award details of the DMC Club can be found at:


DMC Award For Contacting 25 DMC Club Members.


E-QSL Awards

EQSL Electronic QSL Exchange can be found at:



EQSL Contacted 25+ Countries and 300+ call sign prefix awards.



Amateur Radio in Space



Commemorative Certificates for successful reception of SuitSat-1, and voice transmissions from the International Space Station celebrating 25 years of Ham Radio in space.   


Achievement Award issued by the ISS Fan Club for the successful transmission of Data Signals (APRS Packet) through the Radio/Computer equipment on board the International Space Station. 


Contest Awards


CQ DX SSB Contest 2012



General Awards



2008 / 2010 Iceland Award for making radio contact with Icelandic Amateurs. 


Redcliffe City Packet Award for making contact with

six members of the Redcliffe City Radio Club, Queensland Australia,

 using Packet Radio Mode.


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Award (2002)

for making contact with GB50 station at Windsor Castle.


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