IO81QP  -  51.38.22N  -  02.39.48W
















International Space Station Predicted Pass Schedule

for the coming week over South Wales 



This information is calculated by Orbitron Software written by Sebastian Stoff. Obitron can be downloaded from

Orbitron Screen Shot

Two prediction sets are provided here, one for all passes, and a separate one for passes visible to the naked eye.

ISS Image Courtesy NASA

On a clear night and with the sun in a suitable position it is possible to see the ISS as it orbits overhead. The station appears as a bright star like object moving across the sky from West to East. If you are seeing a flashing light, you are looking at an aircraft!

I update both data sets each week on a Sunday, and the files which open in a new window are in a text format to enable easy printing.

Don't forget the times shown are now in  UTC so for BST add one hour!


ISS:  All Passes      ISS:  Visible Passes