51.38.22 N  02.39.48W -  25 m ASL 

MADIS ID: MAS579  -  Met Office Site ID: 5001

Providing Live Weather Information for the Chepstow Area since 2001





Weather Historical Data










Annual and seasonal trends data with extrapolated forecast gathered from the weather station.

Updated at the current year's season end (March following year for winter season.) Annual graphs show January to December.

Series 1 - Temperature




Series 2 - Rainfall



Meteorological seasons:

Spring - March, April, May

Summer - June, July, August

Autumn - September, October, November

Winter - December, January, February


 2016 monthly recorded mean temperature (degrees C) plotted against station averages.

Updates at current month end.


2016 monthly recorded rainfall (mm) plotted against station average totals.

Updates at current month end.



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2013 2014 2015 2016
2017 2018 2019 2020


The links above contain archive data collected by the weather station. The information, which is stored by month, can be viewed and printed as required.  The format of the records change from June 2011 onwards as the weather data is collected by Cumulus software from that date. 

Please select the particular year of interest from the list above, and then refer to the month  on the following page.

Summary almanacs are also available, giving daily results from mid 2007 onwards. These can be viewed in a new window by clicking the links below. The almanacs are split from August 2007 to May 2011, and from June 2011 onwards. This is again due to the change over from FreeWX to Cumulus software. NOAA style climate reports are also available from May 2011 onwards.

Trend Graphs show the past 24 hour history of  weather elements recorded by the weather station.


Trend Graphs     Almanac (Pre June 2011)     Almanac (Post May 2011)     NOAA Climate Report

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